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Flexible packaging, one of the best solutions for cheese packaging

Grated, diced, in powder or in portions (pre-cut or not) ranging from 100 g to 3 kg, mixes of various varieties in a single format… cheese packaging is constantly changing. And in response to consumers’ new demands, flexible packaging is becoming established as one of the best packaging solutions.

The versatility of formats of Mespack machines, most valued by manufacturers in Central Africa at Food and Beverage West Africa

The ability to produce various formats on the same machine, as well as their production speed, caught the interest of close to 150 visitors who attended the stand (1G01) run by the Duravant Group company for the first time at the Nigerian trade show.

The manufacturers of ProPak Asia 2019 appreciate Mespack’s high degree of innovation

The position of the international manufacturer of flexible packaging machinery as a highly innovative company has been one of the values that has most attracted the attention of customers who have passed through its stand at the Asian fair (AC22 of the BITEC site in Bangkok, Thailand).

EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2019 visitors see a robust packaging solutions provider in Mespack

More than a hundred leads have stopped by the stand from which the Duravant Group company has taken part, from the 11th to the 13th of June, at the Mexican trade fair. Customers have positively rated the quality of the space and the wide-ranging display of product packaging manufactured in Mexico on show there.

Mespack and the Grupo Sifu Foundation have held an awareness-raising activity on visual functional diversity: “Mission Braille”

As part of the Duravant Group’s “Doing Good” project, and “Volunteer Week” by Warburg Pincus – Duravant’s investment fund –, the purpose of the initiative was to gain first-hand experience of the difficulties suffered by people in this group.

Mespack customers will be able to improve the efficiency of their equipment (even more) thanks to advances made with Industry 4.0

Manufacturers will be able to reduce the maintenance costs of their equipment thanks to the IIoT app that the company of Duravant Group is currently developing, which will allow customers to access and analyze machine data in a personalized way through mobile devices.

Central African manufacturers to meet Mespack for the first time at Food and Beverage West Africa

The Duravant Group company continues to invest in a market with a very high growth potential and in which it already has 27 references. For this reason, it will attend the event for the first time with its own stand together with its representative in the area.

Mespack will attend ProPak Asia 2019 with its revolutionary virtual reality glasses

The Duravant Group company will make good use of attending the trade fair by presenting its new commercial tool which makes it possible to see large-scale equipment in operation without having to physically transport it.

Mespack has now started to adapt its installed base for production with the new generation of sustainable plastics

The Duravant Group company has been working for two years with its key accounts on solutions for enabling its installed base of machines to operate with recyclable packaging and is creating new equipment capable of production with these new recyclable materials.

Mespack to visit EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2019 for the first time

EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2019 will take place at the largest exhibition centre in Mexico, the Guadalajara Exhibition Centre, on 11-13 June.

Intermittent motion packaging machines vs continuous motion packaging machines

Both intermittent and continuous packaging machines offer the same quality of finish for the pouch

Questions and answers about the preventive maintenance plan

Preventive maintenance tasks allow to maintain high levels of efficiency and minimize unexpected shutdowns.

Mespack is committed to a sustainable future

The Duravant Group company now offers the latest generation of models, ready for use with today’s recyclable and/or biodegradable materials.

Horizontal packaging equipment for big pouches H-570

High capacity HFFS equipment for big format stand-up pouch with triplex capacity of 190mm pouch width.

Automatic wrap-around case packer WA7000

Designed to maximum speed of 20 cases per min. while minimising format changeover downtime.

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper for pallets RTAC-4Q3

Designed to optimise film stretching while improving load unification it processes 40 pallets/hour.

Rotary Turntable Stretch Wrapper PAC-4R5 Series

Designed to optimise film stretching and improv load unification at 25 pallets/hour.

Automatic case sealer C-2500/Series

Case sealers using a hot-melt injection with format changeover adjustments carried out easily and quickly.

Automatic rotary-ring stretch wrapper for pallets Saturn

The pallet and the load remains static while the spool rotates around them at 100 pallets/hour.

Automatic case erector 3000/Series

A compact and fully-coated case erector which process up to 40 cases per minute with hot melt.