The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

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Mespack confirms the sale of a machine for the African market at ALL4PACK Paris 2018

The machine is an H-180-SC, designed for filling pre-assembled flat or doypack top-cap envelopes of up to 1,500 cc.

Fillers for packaging machines

Mespack’s fillers for packaging machines are designed to adapt our HFFS and VFFS machines to a wide variety of different fillers for free and non-free flowing products, liquids of various thicknesses, pieces and many other products. Flowmeter Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter Bopp & Reuther Mass Flowmeter Endress Hausser For conductive liquids and pasty products composed of: · Pressurized hopper of 80 litres capacity made of sanitized 316 stainless steel including a two-way valve for product return · Electronically controlled inductive measuring system that actuates directly on the filling nozzles · Sanitized nozzles made of 316 stainless steel with pneumatic product cut-off system · Electronic independent control box with alpha-numeric display to pre-set fill doses and statistical display of all needed data · Filling accuracy +/- 1% Volumetric cup filler This system is used to fill free-flowing products by volume. It’s composed of a stainless steel hopper that contains the products, which flow by gravity into a rotary plate with built-in cups. The cups are telescopic and allow a certain range of volume, i.e. 1 to 10cc., 20 to 40 cc. Different interchangeable sets of cups are available. Two types of systems are available – a mechanically driven unit commanded by a cam and a motorized clutch / brake unit. Fillers can be either simplex or duplex. Auger filler This is a filling system for free and non-free flowing products as well as dusty and volatile products. There are two different versions of the auger filler – A/C motor with a clutch/brake system or D/C servo-motor. In both cases, the fill dose is pre-set in a counter on the touch screen. When using a clutch/brake unit, the count is made by the impulses of a transductor through a fast count input of the PLC. This system is more economical, but needs periodic maintenance in the clutch/brake and is not possible to adjust the speed of the screw. Accuracy is around +/- 1’5 % for most products. When using a servo-motor, the accuracy and the stop position is always exact with no inertias. This system does not require any maintenance and allows the speed to be adjusted along with acceleration/deacceleration of the curves of the screw. The link with the PLC is made through a port of communication RS 485. Accuracy is around +/- 1 for most products. The auger fillers are available in simplex, duplex, triplex or cuadrúplex versions. Pneumatic piston filler This type of filler is particularly relevant for thick and pasty products. The pump is composed of a 20 litres hopper made of stainless steel connected to an electrovalve. The electrovalve is synchronized with the filling machine through an electric signal, which enables a fill to be made at each impulse. · There are several pump sizes to cover fill doses from 1 to 250 cc. · The nozzles are customized according to the product characteristics and can be supplied with a suck-back or blow-off system. · These filling pumps have various optional accessories as heated or pressurized hoppers for […]

Mespack confirms the success of its virtual reality glasses at AllPack Indonesia

Visitors to the Asian trade show exhibited great interest in the new sales tool being used by the Duravant Group’s subsidiary, which they were able to use to see two of the fastest machines in the company’s product line in 360º stereoscopic vision.

Mespack marks the end of its participation at Scanpack (Sweden) with more than 150 visits

The company benefitted from its presence at the Scandinavian exhibition by strengthening its presence in that market and winning over new clients.

Mespack’s virtual reality glasses bring further quality to Gulfood Manufacturing

The Duravant Group subsidiary successfully presented two of its high-capacity pieces of equipment at the exhibition held at the World Trade Centre in Dubai (UAE, 6th to the 8th of November), thanks to this new commercial tool.

Mespack will attend ALL4PACK Paris with two of its main pieces of equipment used for producing stick pack and stand-up pouch sachets

The Duravant Group subsidiary will exhibit the solution H-180 for producing medium-sized flat pouches and Doypack pouches of up to 1,500 cc with a top or edge cap, at the French trade show (Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, 26th to 29th of November).

A great reception for Mespack solutions at PACK EXPO International 2018

At the US event, the Duravant Group subsidiary successfully exhibited two of the pieces of equipment from its portfolio which best meet the needs of large-scale production and versatility of the North American market.

Mespack strengthens its ties with the British market at The PPMA SHOW 2018

The Duravant Group company returned from the British event with more than 30 very interesting leads to continue to grow in this market.

Mespack’s virtual reality headsets triumph at Agroprodmash 2018

The Duravant Group company has had a positive experience of its visit to the Russian event, where its augmented reality headsets allowed it to show two of the fastest machines in its range in 360º stereoscopic vision in an industry first.

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019

September 23-25, 2019
Las Vegas

Propak Asia Thailand 2019

June 12-15, 2019

Expo Pack Mexico 2019

June 11-13, 2019

CFIA Rennes 2019

March 12-14, 2019

All4Pack 2018

November 26-29, 2018

Two of Mespack’s largest capacity machines can be seen at Gulfood Manufacturing in virtual reality

The subsidiary of the Duravant Group company will be at the trade fair dedicated to the food & beverage processing industry in the Gulf region from 6 to 8 November. They will have augmented reality glasses which will allow visitors see two of their high production solutions from their portfolio with a 360º stereoscopic view.

Mespack will promote its solutions for medium-sized productions at Scanpack (Sweden)

The company aims to continue to develop its presence in the Scandinavian market where it has several references working in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Mespack will be taking two of its machines to AllPack Indonesia 2018 using virtual reality

The Duravant Group company will be at the fair between 17th-20th October in Jakarta with augmented reality headsets which will let visitors see two of the fastest machines in its range in 360º full-depth view.

Mespack will be showing the fastest baby food machine on the market at Pack Expo 2018

H-540-FE6, ideal for the baby food industry, has a throughput per minute of 300-360 120-200 ml sachets with top anti-choke spout.

Mespack is continuing its activity in the Philippine market at AFEX 2018

The Duravant Group company was very pleased with this year’s Asian event (12th-15th September). More than 75 customers visited the stand of its distributor in the Philippines, Aumpack.

Mespack will be at Agroprodmash 2018 to continue to develop its presence in the Russian market

This year’s Agroprodmash runs from 8th-12th October in Moscow. Mespack will be there throughout to consolidate its position in the Russian food and home products packaging market. It already has 65 machines in operation in Russia and wants to continue to grow.