The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Innovative packs

innovative packs

Pack Design

In addition to the product quality, the pack design is frequently a major factor for consumers purchasing decision.

At Mespack we are fully aware of this circumstance and our R&D team is constantly creating new pack designs and ideas which we later on present or jointly develop with our customers.

If you have new ideas or wish to improve your product presentation, talk to us and we will find together the best solution to make your product more attractive.

Innovative Packs

A very comprehensive range of different spouts and fitments are available to suit your needs.

Let’s give your package the chance of a positive experience by making it better, more attractive and cheaper.
When we go to the supermarkets to make our daily or weekly shopping it is quite difficult to differentiate one product from the other.
Our customers and their marketing teams are continuously looking for new solutions to differentiate their products on the shelves to be easily seen in the sales spot and offer a more appealing product than the competitors’.

Mespack offers fully automatic systems to produce all types of conventional pouches but also packs with modern packaging concepts and designs, as shaped forms which would simulate rigid shaped bottles, flat or stand up pouches with zip lock reclosable system, stand up pouches with built in straw, etc.

Also we are more and more noticing the emergence of a multitude of products with cap fitment for food, drinks, health and beauty care products as well as detergents and home and personal care items which incorporate this feature as part of its design and functionality.