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  • For the second year in a row, Mespack donates 7,500 euros to “Aaron’s Dream” Association (“El sueño de Aaron”)(current)
The donation forms part of the CSR programme titled “Duravant Doing Good”, whereby the flexible packaging solution company seeks to contribute to the conducting of social projects with a positive impact on their communities.
aaron dream

Aaron’s Dream (El sueño de Aaron) is an association created by the parents of Aaron, a boy suffering from SMA II (Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2), an incurable degenerative disease, and raises funds for research into finding a treatment.

Barcelona, 9th of March 2018.- As part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, Mespack, a Duravant Group company specializing in the design and manufacture of flexible packaging machinery, actively supports the communities in which it operates by means of the Duravant Doing Good programme, an initiative whose aim is to contribute to the carrying out of social, educational and environmental projects, in addition to empowering its employees so as to bring about positive changes which make a difference. “Being good corporate citizens and socially responsible members of our communities forms an important part of our culture,” explains the company spokesperson. “By entering into partnerships with organizations that share our values and lie close to home, we can have a significant impact on those around us who are most in need.”

Like Aaron. Diagnosed with SMA II (Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2), an incurable degenerative disease, when he was only 13 months old, the boy from Tarrassa has fought since then to see his dream fulfilled: the discovery of a curative treatment to give him greater quality of life. The Aaron’s Dream Association therefore raises funds for research. In late 2017, Mespack handed over a cheque for 7,500 euros, for the second consecutive year.

The 7,500 euros will go towards financing the respiratory physiotherapy service of the Department of Paediatrics of the Parc Taulí Hospital in Sabadell.

“We believe it is the right thing to do and we feel obliged to contribute economically and environmentally to our communities,” explain the people running the Duravant Doing Good programme. In addition, in Aaron’s case, it so happens that he is the son of a Mespack employee.

But this is not the only project in which the Duravant Doing Good programme has taken part in recent times. In 2017, for example, the Duravant Group companies donated 16,000 dollars to the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, as well as coffee, biscuits and greeting cards to Unicef and books to the library of the Children’s Hospital in Brussels.

“Beyond any ethical commercial practices, we believe that our contribution to society is essential for the company’s development: to build long-lasting relationships that will stand the test of time and contribute to our long-term sustainable growth,” adds the Mespack spokesperson.

The 7,500 euros donated by Mespack to Aaron’s Dream will go towards financing the respiratory physiotherapy service of the Department of Paediatrics of Parc Taulí Hospital (Sabadell), where the boy has received treatment in recent years. “It’s a way of giving back to Parc Taulí everything they’ve done for us throughout this time,” concludes his family.

Photo: Aaron, with the cheque for 7,500 euros donated by Mespack.

About Mespack:
Mespack is an international manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions which designs and manufactures high-efficiency and high-speed machinery for leading consumer goods companies throughout the world. Based in Barcelona, the company, set up in 1994, has a broad portfolio of equipment with cutting-edge technology and specializes in the forming, filling and sealing of 4 sided sealed sachets, stick packs, stand-up pouches and other flexible packaging solutions for the food and drink, pharmaceutical, chemical, confectionery, cosmetics and personal care industries.

Mespack joined the Duravant Group in 2015 and currently has a workforce totalling 180 employees and 25 highly-specialized engineers and designers. With more than 1,500 machines in operation around the world, it provides excellent export management, with a sales network in more than 70 countries and regional centres facilitating rapid access to spare parts and services.

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About El sueño de Aaron:
Aaron is a boy who, at 13 months of age, was diagnosed with SMA II (Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2), a degenerative disease affecting the muscles and causing a loss of strength and mobility, in addition to a reduction in breathing capacity. The disease is, as yet, incurable. Therefore, Aaron’s dream is that “as soon as possible, that long-awaited treatment will come for me and my friends, so that our quality of life improves. For the time being, I can only fight every day against this cruel disease.” The association raises funds which go towards research into the disease.

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