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Visitors to the Asian trade show showed great interest in the new sales tool being used by the Duravant Group’s subsidiary, which they were able to use to see two of the fastest machines in the company’s portfolio in 360º stereoscopic vision.
The H-540-FE6 is the fastest baby food machine on the market. The HCM-420-FET is a continuous packaging solution for manufacturers in the food, cosmetic, pharmacy and detergent industries.
Mespack, which already has a hundred reference sites in the country, contacted about twenty quality leads at AllPack Indonesia, where it has strengthened its ties with its local representative.


Barcelona, 30 october 2018.- Once again, Mespack, a manufacturer of flexible packaging machinery and a pioneer in the area of customer experience, has met and exceeded expectations. The innovative augmented reality glasses from Duravant Group’s subsidiary aroused great interest among visitors to AllPack Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia, 17-20 October), following the positive response to their use at Agroprodmash 2018. As stated by Santi Alberich, the company’s Marketing Director: “We are very happy with our new sales and marketing tool. Other manufacturers use virtual reality devices to showcase their equipment at trade fairs, but what we are proposing here is something totally new to our industry: a 360º view that gives the wearer the sensation of observing large equipment units from our product line in operation, as if they were located physically in the booth.”

Alberich went on to emphasize: “at AllPack Indonesia, the units available for augmented reality viewing have been the fastest baby food machine on the market (H-540-FE6) and a continuous packaging solution intended primarily for the food and detergent industries (HCM-420-FET). These are two machines that exemplify the high capacities, robustness, efficiency and versatility of our product line and that, based on the profile of our customers in Indonesia (all of them international manufacturers), can meet their needs for large production volumes.”

Specifically, the H-540-FE6 can produce between 300 and 360 small-format (120-200 ml) stand-up pouch envelopes per minute, with a choke-proof top cap and rounded edges. In addition, “it has been designed to meet the hygiene and safety performance requirements of the baby food industry,” added Mespack’s Marketing Director.

The HCM-420-FET, on the other hand, is the company’s continuous packaging solution for the high-volume production of large-volume flat or doypack pouches. Capable of a production rate 60% greater than that of conventional HFFS machines, it also allows for the installation of top- and side-cap applicators, zipper applicators, and other types of customized accessories.

Both units attracted a great deal of attention at the show.


The Indonesian Market
Through its presence at AllPack Indonesia, Mespack has sought to reaffirm the ongoing priority that the company places on the Indonesian market, where it has more than 100 machines in operation. “We absolutely had to be at this fair. This time around, we were also able to contact about twenty quality leads, as well as strengthen ties with our Southeast Asian representative”, Alberich stated at the close of the event.

About Mespack:
Mespack is an international manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions which designs and manufactures high-efficiency and high-speed machinery for leading consumer goods companies throughout the world. Based in Barcelona, the company, set up in 1994, has a broad portfolio of equipment with cutting-edge technology and specializes in the forming, filling and sealing of 4 sided sealed sachets, stick packs, stand-up pouches and other flexible packaging solutions for the food and drink, pharmaceutical, chemical, confectionery, cosmetics and personal care industries.

Mespack joined the Duravant Group in 2015 and currently has a workforce totalling 180 employees and 25 highly-specialized engineers and designers. With more than 1,500 machines in operation around the world, it provides excellent export management, with a sales network in more than 70 countries and regional centres facilitating rapid access to spare parts and services.

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About AllPack Indonesia 2018:
AllPack is the International Exhibition on Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical Processing & Packaging Technology of Indonesia. The 19th edition will run from 17th -20th October in Jakarta (Jakarta International Expo). 2017’s total attendance: 850 exhibitors from 40 countries and more than 37.000 visitors.

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