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The Duravant Group company has given a high rating to its presence at the fair held from 20 to 23 March in Cologne, Germany, which closed its gates with a new attendance record, with more than 50,000 visitors from 152 different countries.
Anuga 2018

Barcelona, 4 April 2018.- The leading trade fair for the international food and drinks industry, as well as the only one in the world to cover all aspects of food production, Anuga Foodtec, closed its gates with record figures. More than 50,000 visitors from 152 different countries (15 more than at the previous fair) established contact with one of the more than 1,657 international exhibitors (13% more than in 2015) present at the triennial event held in Cologne, Germany, over four days (20 to 23 March), which this year focused on sustainability and the effectiveness of natural resources. Among them, Mespack.

The company, specializing in the design and manufacture of flexible packaging machinery for the forming, filling and sealing of 4-sided sealed sachets, stick packs and stand-up pouches and a member of the Duravant Group, has attended the fair accompanied by three machines (the H130, H170 and MS1200 machines), and these attracted the attention of more than a hundred professionals from the food industry from 38 countries.

Anuga Food Tec 2018

“Our rating of the fair is very positive,” declares Santi Alberich, Mespack Marketing Director, “as the response and the interest shown by all the visitors enabled us to enhance our relationships with customers, generate new contacts and identify new trends in the market, especially in Europe, which is already quite mature. In this regard, the chance to exhibit equipment representing a large part of our portfolio and embodying the company’s manufacturing goals (efficiency, high production and coverage of different formats) was vital for making a difference in terms of the results of the event”, he adds.

Similarly, he points out that, as a member of the Duravant Group, the company’s presence at Anuga Foodtec “was useful for bringing positions closer and showing our presence and as a meeting point for part of the sales team from the different companies within the group”.

Mespack attended the event with two H-series machines (H130 and H170) and one MS1200 well representing the company’s manufacturing goals (efficiency, high production and coverage of different formats), and these attracted the attention of more than a hundred professionals from the food industry from 38 countries.

The machines on display at Anuga Foodtec

The H130 and H170 machines, corresponding to the H series (consisting of 24 models), are flexible packaging machines which are robust and capable of working day after day with maximum efficiency and respect for the environment, as they allow for high production in small spaces with very little waste, as a result of their high level of efficiency.

The H130 machine (for powdered small-format flat sachets) and the H170 machine (for duplex operations or twin sachets) are all robust and compact and can be operated in a straightforward manner. They also ensure high production rates (up to 200 sachets per minute), with minimal maintenance and great reliability. And they allow the product to be presented with the most innovative design. Indeed, this set of machines can produce different packaging formats and sizes (such as 3 or 4-sided sealed flat sachets) by making only small adjustments.

As for the MS1200 model of the new series of stick pack machines, it has a particularly high level of technology and precision, as it is full servomotorized and has been designed in accordance with the TPM (total productive maintenance) principle, enabling the operator to see the inside the machine without having to open any doors, which makes it easier for the technicians to check that everything is working properly without having to stop the machine.

The MS1200 is a 4-lanes machine prepared for 6 which manufactures a large stick pack format (90 mm wide, although this model can produce a stick pack as wide as 115 mm). The model is suitable for snacks and/or sweets, candies, etc. and it has a high production rate -it reaches 65 cycles per minute-, so it can produce a total of 260 sachets per minute (speed always subject to the characteristics of the product and the volume to be dosed).

The entire MS series is manufactured with a reinforced, tubular and monoblock steel structure, designed to help the operator to access all the machine parts and facilitate the maintenance tasks.

Mespack machines can be tailored to each customer’s requirements: full-Servo designs, finishes for compliance with ATEX regulations, the installation of laminar flows and film and cap sterilization systems, laser encoders, inkjet, etc. Almost all the models can be fitted with top and side cap applicators, zipper applicators, straw applicators and inert gas injection systems (to minimize the residual oxygen content in the packaging and thus protect the product as much as possible), as well as other customized accessories.

About Mespack:
Mespack is an international manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions which designs and manufactures high-efficiency and high-speed machinery for leading consumer goods companies throughout the world. Based in Barcelona, the company, set up in 1994, has a broad portfolio of equipment with cutting-edge technology and specializes in the forming, filling and sealing of 4 sided sealed sachets, stick packs, stand-up pouches and other flexible packaging solutions for the food and drink, pharmaceutical, chemical, confectionery, cosmetics and personal care industries.

Mespack joined the Duravant Group in 2015 and currently has a workforce totalling 180 employees and 25 highly-specialized engineers and designers. With more than 1,500 machines in operation around the world, it provides excellent export management, with a sales network in more than 70 countries and regional centres facilitating rapid access to spare parts and services.

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About Anuga FoodTec:
As the leading global trade fair, Anuga FoodTec is the most important driving force of the international food and beverage industry again. It is the only trade fair in the world that covers all aspects of food production. The industry presents its innovations and technological visions at Anuga FoodTec – from processing, filling and packaging technology to packaging materials, ingredients, food safety and the entire range of innovations from all the areas associated with food production. Anuga FoodTec takes place every three years in Cologne, Germany.

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