The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

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High Tecnology Packaging Machines for Innovative packaging.


There is hardly any product that cannot be packed into a sachet made of flexible film. Mespack machines make it possible to present solids, liquids, powders and granules in innovative shapes using the latest techniques.

Flat or stand-up pouches, cap fitments for easy product pouring, straw attachments for soft drinks, and zipper reclosable systems, are available to meet the market demands of actual and future products.

A wide number of different fillers are available as auger and volumetric fillers, pumps, weighers, as well as other customized dosing systems. Product protection is also a priority. We have a number of solutions for gas flushing to minimize residual oxygen contents in the sachet, as well as C.I.P. or S.I.P cleaning systems.

Our success in the global market is a result of our ability to continuously provide creative package designs and reliable and cost effective equipment.




Horizontal Packaging Machines

This family of form-fill-seal machines is designed for low, medium and large fill volumes.



Packaging Machines for Pre-made Pouches

The SC-Series is the industry standard for pre-made flat or stand-up pouches.



Continous Horizontal Packaging Machines

The fastest and most flexible HFFS machine available in the market.



Multilane Packaging Machines for Stick-Pack

The market leader in stick pack technology.



Multilane Packaging Machines for Flat Sachet

Vertical multilane four side seal machine.


Máquina Ultraclean y Washdown

Washdown and Ultraclean Packaging Machine

Hygienically designed to meet the highest standards for food applications.


Soluciones de packaging secundario, paletizadores, despaletizadores y robots antropomórficos de 6 ejes de Mespack.

End of Line Wrap Around

Secondary packaging and palletization solutions.