The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

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Stretch wrappers

Rotary Turntable Stretch Wrapper PAC-4R5 Series

Designed to optimise film stretching and improv load unification at 25 pallets/hour.

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper for pallets RTAC-4Q3

Designed to optimise film stretching while improving load unification it processes 40 pallets/hour.

Automatic wrap-around case packer WA7000

Designed to maximum speed of 20 cases per min. while minimising format changeover downtime.

Automatic rotary-ring stretch wrapper for pallets Saturn

The pallet and the load remains static while the spool rotates around them at 100 pallets/hour.

Automatic case sealer C-2500/Series

Case sealers using a hot-melt injection with format changeover adjustments carried out easily and quickly.

Automatic case erector 3000/Series

A compact and fully-coated case erector which process up to 40 cases per minute with hot melt.

Automatic solutions for handling glass bottles PCR/Series

The anthropomorphic robot for plastic crate packing and unpacking is ideal for high speed needs.

Automatic bottle depalletiser STAR150

Designed to meet the strict requirements of the market outputs 3 layers per minute.

Automatic palletiser P5000

This range outputs 80 cases/min with a robust and reliable design and high-speed group distribution systems.

Tray erector and 2-axis robot for palletising RP/Series

Ideal for bulk products like bottles or bricks and productions of 50 semi-pallets/hour.

Industrial rigid packaging handling robot RED/Series

A 6-axis handling robot for productions up to 15.000 containers/hour.

Robotic case packer RE-150

New generation of case-packing robots. Maximum capacity of 25 cases/minute.

Automatic robotic case packer RE-500

New generation of automatic robotic case-packer. Maximum capacity of 40 cases/minute.

Industrial bottle handling robot RMG/Series

A versatile and effective response capable of handling up to 15 cooler bottles/minute.

Anthropomorphic Palletiser RA/Series

From 4 to 6-axis models for different applications and medium speeds output up to 100 cases/minute.

High speed automatic wrap-around case packer WA8000

High speed and fully synchronised with electronic servomotor and intelligent speed control for 45 cases/min.

Automatic wrap-around case packer for glass or plastic WA8400

The ideal case-packing machine for glass or plastic with speeds of up to 30 cases per minute.