The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Automatic solutions for handling glass bottles.

Automatic solutions for handling glass bottle PCR Series by Mespack. A complete array of anthropomorphic packing, unpacking, palletising and depalletising machines.

Automatic solutions of packing, unpacking, palletising and depalltising cases at 40.000 containers/minute.

The automatic solutions for handling glass bottles by Mespack are a complete array of anthropomorphic packing, unpacking, palletising and depalletising machines. They are specifically designed and laid out for processing glass bottles from and into plastic crates.

Crate packing station

An anthropomorphic robot with a special pick-up head packs filled bottles into recycled crates, which are then sent to the palletising station.


Crate unpacking station

Another anthropomorphic robot with a special pick-up head unpacks empty bottles. Then, they sent to the bottle washer for preparation prior to filling.

This is a modern and versatile machine at the cutting edge of technology in the sector with its innovative Internet connectivity.

Online Monitoring

Machine operation can be monitored online by our technicians at head office or from local support centres in order to ensure rapid diagnosis of any anomaly that occurs and facilitate its immediate resolution.


As an optional extra, an active digital camera equipped with remote movement control can be incorporated into the machine’s electronics as an aid to system monitoring to facilitate and speed up the resolution of anomalies.

Format changeover

All control, adjustment and format changeover elements are automated and simplified, resulting in greatly reduced user intervention.


We offer distribution systems for non-cylindrical containers to suit the specific needs of each product and speed: electromechanical line divider, aligners, roller conveyor tables and product stackers.

Up to 40,000 containers/minute: ideal for speeds of up to 40,000 containers per minute.

ModelSpeedsType of machine
PCR-EUp to 40.000 containers/minuteCase packer
PCR-DUp to 40.000 containers/minuteCase unpacker
PCR-DESUp to 40.000 containers/minuteDepalletiser
PCR-PUp to 40.000 containers/minutePalletiser
CustomerSupplierRepresentativeSpare parts

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