The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Personal Care

“Since many years, the Cosmetic Industry produces part of its products in flexible film. Whether in the form of samples to promote soaps and creams in magazines or for the hotel industry, we can already find these type of sachets anywhere.

In order to expedite the manufacture of this type of packaging, Mespack has gone further. With machines like the H-330-6 specially designed to make flat shaped (or not) and with a special top cap (or not). By means of high-precision metering machines and in-situ cleaning system (CIP), this machine offers the necessary flexibility and productivity to the manufacturers, especially for sampling manufacture that need many changeovers.”

Equipment that fits your needs


This family of form-fill-seal machines has been conceived for low, medium and large fill volumes.


Mespack presents the new SC Series for Pre-Made flat or stand up pouches.


Horizontal continuous motion machines HCM-Series


Ultraclean Machine


Upon request of our customers and following the latest market-trend, Mespack has developed new solutions to produce stick packs.


4 Side seal Multilane Machine