The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

The P-5000 conventional palletiser range is characterised by its robust design and high reliability.


The P-5000 conventional palletiser range is characterised by its robust design and high reliability (dual elevator motor drive, positive pallet centring device, high-capacity pallet magazine, etc.).

The palletiser is equipped with multiple safety and emergency sensors, either inside or in the peripheral safety protection measures.

The use of high-speed group distribution systems (cases, packs or individual containers) optimises palletising cycle times, producing speeds of up to 80 packs/minute in double, triple or quadruple entry systems.

Possibility of products entering the palletiser at different heights, either low loading (700 mm) or high loading (up to 2800 mm).

Online Monitoring

Machine operation can be monitored online by our technicians at head office or from local support centres in order to ensure rapid diagnosis of any anomaly that occurs and facilitate its immediate resolution.


As an optional extra, an active digital camera equipped with remote movement control can be incorporated into the machine’s electronics as an aid to system monitoring to facilitate and speed up the resolution of anomalies.

Format changeover

All control, adjustment and format changeover elements are automated and simplified, resulting in greatly reduced user intervention.


We offer distribution systems for non-cylindrical containers to suit the specific needs of each product and speed: electromechanical line divider, aligners, roller conveyor tables and product stackers.

Up to 70 packs or cases/minute: ideal for medium speeds of 70 packs or cases per minute.

Easy layer edition from the screen: all machines are equipped with the Easy Layer system of editing new mosaics or modifying existing ones on-screen. Such modifications can be performed by the machine’s operator.

P5000/1Up to 35 cases/minute
P5000/2Up to 45 cases/minute
P5000/3Up to 70 cases/minute