A patented combination of intermittent and continuous motion HFFS machine is capable of producing 140 stand-up pouches per minute of 1 litre, this is 60% more production if compared with a conventional HFFS machine.

Patented pouch transport system incorporating the new MGMS (Mespack grippers management system) which enables change-over of carousel system in less than 5 minutes through the touch screen.

This machine can be supplied as a fully automatic FFS configuration in dual and triplex versions or as a FS execution for pre-made pouches.

This machine can be supplied with all type of dosing systems and accessories on request.


  • Open frame 360º acces
  • Double reel unwinder with auto-splice system
  • Linear seal bars with adjustable pressure control
  • Servodriven film traction with adjustable pressure control from touch screen
  • Patented servodriven dual lane transport system
  • Complete machine change over in less than 30 minutes by one single operator
  • New MGMS (Mespack Grippers Management System) which allows auto adjustment to a new pouch width from the touch screen in only 5 minutes (patented).
  • Advanced pouch transport cleaning and maintenance system
  • Ultrasonic top seal (optional)
  • Zip lock applicator (optional)
  • Cap fitments applicators (optional)