The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

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This family of form-fill-seal machines has been conceived for low, medium and large fill volumes.

This new generation of form-fi ll-seal machines incorporates Mespack’s latest technology and innovative design and has been conceived for low, medium and large production volumes. The “H” Program is composed of 24 different machines with multiple versions which enable our Customers to choose the most convenient model. Our medium and big range machines are designed to be built in modular construction and have common parts except the main frame which facilitate the spare parts storage and service and can be supplied with all types of fi llers and related accessories. This new generation of machines are of rugged construction and user friendly and have proven to be easy to operate and maintain.

The H-Series is remarkable for its fl exibility and the possibility of producing different shapes and pack presentations, fl at or stand up pouches, cap fi tments for easy product pouring, straw attachment for soft drinks, zipper reclosable systems, etc. are presentations available today for actual and future products and market demands. A wide number of different fi llers are available as auger and volumetric fi llers, pumps, weighers, as well as other customized dosing systems. Product protection aspects are also a priority. We have a number of solutions for gas fl ushing to minimize residual oxygen contents in the pack, as well as cleaning systems C.I.P. or S.I.P. Our success in global markets is a direct result of meeting the challenge to produce creative package designs with reliable and cost effective equipment.

Simple and rapid changeover from one product to another or from size to size makes Mespack machines outstand from its competitors.


High capacity equipment for big format stand-up pouch


High production capacity of small format stand-up pouches for baby food industry


High capacity equipment for small and medium stand-up pouch format up to cuadrúplex


Equipment designed for high capacity production of pouches up to 10kg


Retort applications for small and medium size pouches


High capacity equipment for cosmetics pouches with small top spout.


Machine designed to produce small doypack formats at high speed


Equipment with 5 filling stations producing pouches of up to 2.500cc with edge cap


High capacity equipment producing beverage pouches of up to 2.000cc with straw


Equipment to produce pouches of up to 1.500cc with top or edge cap


High speed HFFS equipment for medium size flat sachet


Equipment to produce pouches of up to 900cc with top or edge cap


Low cost equipment to produce pouches of up to 500cc with top or edge cap


High speed HFFS equipment for flat sachet producing up to 100 pouches per minute


High speed HFFS equipment for flat sachet producing up to 200 pouches per minute


Small, compact and flexible high speed flat sachet equipment for small formats