The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Multiline vertical flat sachet machine for producing big formats of 4 sided seal pouches.


Complying witd tde expansion plan of our portfolio, Mespack launched tde new ML-1200, a vertical multiline flat sachet equipment especially designed for producing big formats in a reduced floorplant. Ideal for food or diet products, home & personal care applications, confectionaries, pharmaceuticals and more. Offering a full-servomotorized solution, tdis equipment is designed to run reels up to 1200 mm in widtd, tdis machines features new servo drive technology . tdis unit can be supplied witd auger filler, volumetric systems, flowmeters, pistons and fillers for products in pieces. Various accessories are available on request.

Main features:
· Mono block tubular steel frame
· Integrated electric cabinet
· Micro switch protected polycarbonate guardings
· 12” Allen Bradley color touch screen
· Free access all round tde machine
· PLC controlled temperatures in each seal bar
· PLC controlled auto lubrication
· Splice table in unwinder for quick reel change
· Auger cleaning management system
· Automatic reel edge aligner in unwinder
· T.P.M. features
· CIP facilities
· Compliance witd tde main manufacturing standards
· Laser coders and scorers (optional)
· ATEX compliance (optional)
· Film sterilization system (optional)
· Laminar flow (optional)

MachineML 1200-4ML 1200-5ML 1200-6ML 1200-7ML 1200-8ML 1200-10ML 1200-12ML 1200-14
Min. Bag width4545454545454545
Max. Bag width1301201008070605050
Min. Bag lenght6060606060606060
Max. Bag lenght200200200200200200200200
Capacity-bags / minute240-280300-350360-420420-490480-560600-700720-840840-980
Max. reel widtd12001200120012001200120012001200
Machine dimensions3468x2598x2380 (witdout dosing system)
Noise level< 70 Db< 70 Db< 70 Db< 70 Db< 70 Db< 70 Db< 70 Db< 70 Db
Maximum reel dimensions (mm)500500500500500500500500
Electrical consumption18-26 Kw18-26 Kw18-26 Kw18-26 Kw18-26 Kw18-26 Kw18-26 Kw18-26 Kw
Reel shaft (mm)76 (3″)/152 (6″)76 (3″)/152 (6″)76 (3″)/152 (6″)76 (3″)/152 (6″)76 (3″)/152 (6″)76 (3″)/152 (6″)76 (3″)/152 (6″)76 (3″)/152 (6″)
Air consumption200 L/min200 L/min200 L/min200 L/min200 L/min200 L/min200 L/min200 L/min
Air pressure6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar

Final speed will depend on product and film characteristics