•  Enabling green packaging for a green world

    Enabling green packaging for a green world

    Recyclable materials require the adaptation of processes and machinery to produce high qualit packaging.

  • Packaging Partner

    Committed with Customers

    We want to help you them to fulfill their goal of only using recyclable, recycled and biodegradable materials during the next years.

  • Mespack Athena

    Mespack Athena

    A unique control suite platform that helps our customers to optimize and increase the overall effectiveness of their equipment.

  • flow-wrap-machines

    Servicing the World Market

    We offer global and cutomized service to more than 2.000 machines operating worldwide.

  • types of packaging


    Give end users the on-trend portable products they want with our stick pack and multiline flat sachet solutions.

  • High Efficiency and Speed

    Patented continuous motion filling system produces 60% more than a conventional HFFS machine.

  • Ultraclean Solutions

    Ultraclean Solutions

    From design to construction, our Ultraclean equipment upholds the highest and hygienic standards.

Who We Are.

Our solutions

Our solutions

At Mespack, a Duravant company, we design, manufacture, and maintain state-of-the-art packaging machinery. We develop innovative solutions and build long-term, productive relationships by providing continuous, high-quality service to our Customers.
Our Company

Our Company

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Mespack is an international manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions that engineers and builds high speed machinery for the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies.
Servicing the World

Servicing the World

We at Mespack are fully commited to supporting machines delivered all over the world. Our service and spare parts department includes highly trained engineers with years of experience and proven ability in servicing machines in the export markets.
Our Values

Our Values

The team at Mespack strives to build lasting relationships with our Customers through teamwork. By pursuing a shared vision and setting goals together, we share the risk, the work and the rewards.

Machines that Make a Difference.

Horizontal Packaging Machines H-Series

The H-Series is composed of 24 different HFFS machines with multiple versions, which enables our team to offer the most suitable model for the Customer. Most of our machines are of modular construction and have common parts except the main frame, which facilitates the spare parts storage and service and can be supplied with all types of fillers and related accessories. This new generation of machines are of rugged construction, user friendly and proven to be easy to operate and maintain.

Packaging Machines for Pre-Made Pouches SC-Series

The SC-Series of HFFS machines are formed by a pouch feeding conveyor of up to four lanes; a pick and place to transfer the pre-made pouches to a walking beam system; and the main module where the pouches are opened, filled and top sealed. These machines are equipped with an integrated electrical cabinet (separated as optional) with a 12″ colour touch screen. A full range of accessories including coders, hole punchers, notchers, top cap fitments and spout applicators are available as well as different filling systems for powder, granules or liquid and pasty products. Multihead weighers are optional. Various models are available, according to pouch dimentions, volumes and capacities required by the Cutomer.

Continous Horizontal Packaging Machines HCM-Series

The HCM-Series machines include a patented continuous motion filling system allowing a production increase of up to 60% compared to a conventional HFFS machine. A patented combination of intermittent and continuous motion enables these machines to produce large fill volumes at a higher capacity.


Washdown and Ultraclean Packaging Machines

The easiest and most efficient way of preventing hygienic issues when it comes to developing new machinery for food applications is taking hygiene into account from the design itself. Our Ultraclean-Series machines are conceived and designed according to the highest hygienic design standards and include the most efficient disinfection methods for both the film and the spout.

Multilane Packaging Machines for Stick-Pack MS-Series

Upon request of our Customers and following the latest market-trend, Mespack has developed new solutions to produce stick-packs. With these new additions to our program, Mespack continues to lead the market with outstanding machines for many types of products that need high speed dedicated production.


Multilane Packaging Machines for Flat Sachet MS-Series

Our continuous evolution and innovation plans in the design and manufacturing of packaging machines, have lead us to present this new vertical multi-lane machine, which is offered in two different models: ML-1000 and ML-1200 that are available between 4 and 14 lanes. Our expertise in flexible packaging concepts makes the quality and performance of our products unique and positions Mespack as one of the global leading companies in flat sachet solutions.

Efficient and Reliable Equipment.

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Efficient and Reliable Equipment

Every day millions of packs are produced on Mespack machines thus helping our Customers grow and increase their market share, and securing future new sales in the global market.