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Quality Policy

At MESPACK, a DURAVANT Group company, we design, manufacture, commercialize and maintain state-of-the-art packaging machinery.  We develop innovative solutions and build long-term productive relationships, providing a continuous quality and after-sales service to our customers.

MESPACK expresses its commitment to satisfaction with its interested parties and with compliance with the applicable requirements. This document is intended to be the reference framework that establishes our objectives and quality goals. 

The Quality Policy is based on the following values:

       1- TO EXPLOIT

  • AGILITY: Responding quickly, with adaptability and efficiency to the needs of our customers, market orientations and changes in legislation.

  • GROWTH: Valuing honesty, discipline and innovation; increasing our vision of dynamic business, of continuous improvement, generating and capturing more and better opportunities.

  • TEAM SPIRIT: Delving into the creativity, entrepreneurship, empowerment and resilience of our employees. We believe in mutual trust as the best ahesive for our mutual prosperity. Our strenght lies in the strong cohesion of our entire community, which includes clients and collaborators, with whom we establish solid and lasting human and professional relationships.

  • EFFORT and VALUE: Necessary to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers and the compliance of our quality objectives.

  • OPPORTUNITIES: Always keeping an eye on technological innovations and market orientation, to detect and capture the best opportunities that benefit ourselves and our customers. 
  • PERSEVERANCE: Standing firm in our endeavors and purposes, since our success and that of our customers depend on it.
  • EMPATHY: Understanding and accompanying the needs and concerns of our customers in order to propose present and furute proposals for their business.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Acquiring the corresponding commitments: civil, social, environmental and towards our clients and suppliers.

MESPACK has acquired the ability to combine the best professional experience with the human and family quality of our team, basing our competitiveness in seeking for the most rigorous professional excellence.

This Quality Policy is available to all personnel, collaborators, clients and other relevant interested parties.