Stick Pack Solutions for Flexible Packaging

Stick Pack Flexible Packaging was mainly introduced and adopted by the food and beverage industry in the 1970s. It is perfect for consumers who are always on the go. The raw materials of the package are mainly paper, aluminium or synthetic materials. They allow for an easy adaptation of the package’s shape to the nature of the product.

The applications in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are very innovative and highly technological. These sectors are always pioneering in offering new proposals to appeal the consumer. That’s why they have huge needs for packaging all the time.

The fundamental and differentiating characteristic of the stick pack flexible packaging is that they are single-dose containers. These elongated, tube-shaped, easy-opening and accurately dosed bags are extremely versatile, for they can contain liquid, granulated, powder, viscous or creamy product. Stick packs meet the needs of today’s consumer because they are easy to take and consume anywhere.

The main advantages of stick packs are:

  • Can contain many different products, such as powdered drink mixes, sweeteners, vitamins or nutritional products.
  • Higher production rates with very low maintenance.
  • Bigger efficiency in package capacity with less wasted empty space.
  • Easy opening for a more exact dosage.
  • Smaller in size, are light and discreet.

VFFS multilane packaging machine for big format stick pack

The first multilane fully servormotorized machine for big format stick pack up to 115mm width.

High production VFFS multilane stick pack machine

Multilane full servormotorized high production machine for stick pack format up to 750 sticks/min.

Vertical Form Fill Seal multilane packaging machine for stick pack

Multilane VFFS machine for stick pack format for small and medium productions up to 560 sppm.



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